We are looking for highly motivated, energetic candidates for full/part-time positions as a sushi and kitchen helper.
Salary/wages depends on experience.
Please send your resume by E-mail to iyoda@shaw.ca
or FAX: 250 493-5156

102-151 Front Street Penticton, B.C. V2A 1H3
(250)770-1141,  http://www.isshinsushi.ca
Bussiness Hours:
Monday  Lunch:11:00-2:00,  Dinner:5:00- 8:00
Tuesday  Lunch:11:00-2:00,  Dinner:5:00- 8:00
Wednesday  Lunch:11:00-2:00,  Dinner:5:00- 8:00
Thursday  Lunch:11:00-2:00,  Dinner:5:00- 8:00
Friday  Lunch:11:00-2:00,  Dinner:5:00- 8:00
Saturday  Dinner:4:00- 8:00
Sunday   Dinner:4:00- 8:00